December 2020 spending and a report on a failed challenge

There it is, folks. For the final month of 2020, we spend $4,350, of which $1300 was a big vet bill for a major dental on the Beagle. With Christmas presents thrown in there, I think this is pretty in-line with our general spending pattern.

December did not turn out as planned, and Funky Wife spent most of the month taking care of her dying father in another state. I am glad she was able to be with him in his final weeks. In terms of finances, everything was a mess. One would think that with her not at home, we would have spent less money on food. But, single parenting is hard, and I was totally disorganized. I probably bought more prepackaged food than normal, and I let a bunch of produce rot. It was a mess, but it is what it is, and Funky Wife is back, so hopefully, I can get organized again.

The December challenge was to spend only $320 on food. Needless to say, that was a complete fail, and I didn’t even really try. There was just no space for extra challenges in my day – things were challenging as it was. I am taking a break from challenges for January, and we will see what I will come up with for February:0)