About Funky Family

Generating Happiness Profits

Funky Math Nerd is a 40-something math professor currently in the process of earning a Masters in Finance. She embraces minimalism and strives to achieve financial independence both by decreasing Funky Family’s spending and by investing wisely. She is passionate about personalized education and achieving equitable outcomes for all students. She adores animals and abhors seeing animals hurt.

Funky Wife is a 40-something special education teacher at a public school. She grew up with parents who lived through the Great Depression and picked up many pointers about living frugally from her mom, who is the queen of bargain-hunting. She also embraces her paternal grandma’s wisdom of ‘sharing the wealth’ and employing others to do tasks that one might not have the time or desire to do. She tends to let Funky Math Nerd manage the family finances but enjoys teaching math and financial literacy (and reading, writing, etc.) to special education high school students. Her days are spent preparing lessons, grading papers, helping raise Funky Child, caring for Funky Pets, taking walks with her Funky Family, keeping in touch with friends and family, and dreaming of having time to dance, bike, and hike again.

Funky Child is an 11-year old bundle of energy. She is an avid reader and a Roblox Champion. She wants you to know that she likes bread with honey, that she is adopted, and she thinks Funky Math Nerd has a weird sense of humor. Funky Child thinks NoSnacks September was a crazy idea that she doesn’t support. Currently, she goes to online school, plays the violin, and is learning Spanish.

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