November Spending

As we expected, November was a big spending month. December is turning out very similar, so be prepared!

Food has again climbed over $1000 for the month. In this case, this is actually OK. With Covid spiking again, I decided it is time to restock the pantry and we are back up to more than a month of food stored. It is not the kind of food I actually want to eat for a month, but it is definitely survivable. We also splurged for Thanksgiving food. It is amazing how fast expensive food adds up! We have a nice stockpile of nuts left waiting for Christmas.

The next largest expense we had were pets. In addition to the usual food and meds, we had two vet appointments. One of them was a major work-up on our Beagle’s heart to make sure it is safe to put her under anesthesia and clean her teeth. The results were good and she got her dental on December 1. This means that in the next budget report you will see another big vet bill. Her dental was several years overdue because of concerns about her heart. It took 3 hours, she lost 9 teeth, and they cut out some weird growths on her gums (hopefully these will check out OK). She recovered from all of that within a day and is doing very well.

Next on the list are donations. I won’t say much about these to protect the innocent.

Child expenses are up too. Christmas. Do I need to say more?

The battery on one of our cars stopped working. A new battery, oil, and several other small things added up to almost $300. And we need another $700 of maintenance (the car just passed 100K miles) when we get around to it. As we are not driving much at the moment, I am in no rush.

Our phone bill is big because it is for two months. I am not very good at paying on time. However, we are going to try prepaid phones. More info on that next month if it works out.

As you see, I also got a nice blender/food processor. I am very, very happy with it. So far, I have made delicious banana ice cream, smoothies, and some great burgers. I got a Ninja. I can’t imagine Vitamix is four times better (and it is four times more expensive).

Next month, watch for our December spending and our end of the year summary. My goal was to stay under $60K. Did we make it?

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