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Homemade “Meat”, “Cheese”, and Bread and how much do they cost

I just finished eating a delicious “meat” and “cheese” sandwich on homemade bread and I thought I should share some amazingly easy recipes together with a comparison of the cost to make them at home verses buying equivalent products. Although the savings are significant, I mostly cook because I enjoy the magic of creating food … Continue reading “Homemade “Meat”, “Cheese”, and Bread and how much do they cost”

October Spending

It is the middle of November, and I am just now posting our October spending. The election occupied all my discretionary time-to-think, and I just didn’t have the bandwidth to compute our numbers for October. But I am quite happy with the final results, and now I can get back to managing the household budget:0) … Continue reading “October Spending”

No Netflix November

No Snacks September was a fun challenge which led our family to adopt new eating habits. I thought November offered an interesting opportunity to explore life without Netflix. Maybe this will be another change we will decide to permanently embrace… Netlfix for me is a lot like junk food. I spend a lot of time … Continue reading “No Netflix November”

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